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TCH is a friendly village club which offers tennis, matches, club tournaments, social events, coaching for all levels and is open to all ages and standard of players. You will find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Use our site if you are tying to find us, if you are a member who wishes to keep up to date with club news, or if you are looking for a nice club to play tennis at. Furhermore you will find some quizzes and other entertainment stuff (so far only in German).

Probsteierhagen tennis club is situated in the village of Probsteierhagen about 12 miles from Kiel. TCH Tennis Club was founded in 1983 and has about 112 members (2019).

There is no joining fee for new members. Adult members pay 175 € and children 50 € yearly. This covers all costs.

The club has three outdoor red-clay courts which are prepared in March by the members themselves. Each member has the obligation to work for 5 hours per year for the club. The outdoor season lasts from April till the end of October. In winter the members play in small groups in different halls nearby.

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The club house was built in 1986 and has a large seating area, storage rooms, showers, changing-rooms and a little kitchen with a fridge for snacks and drinks after matches. In front of the club house there is a roofed-over terrace with seating facilities from which you can overlook all courts.

The club has its own experienced trainers. They run regular group training sessions for children and adults.

We have 8 tennis teams who play in different leagues in summer: two men teams, one ladies team and five children teams. You will find a link below to see how the teams are getting along in summer. We don't have teams competition during the winter period.
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An annual tournament is held during the summer for singles and doubles, both adult and juniors.

Tennis is important but it is not the only thing that plays a role in our club. The club calendar is filled with social events such as club barbeques, Sunday social tennis, trips to surrounding areas and much more. Club life in our club is never boring!


We are also very interested in getting into contact with other clubs all over the world. So, if you are interested, write to us or send us an email. The address to write to is:
TC Hagen
Blomeweg 10
24253 Probsteierhagen

If you have any comments or suggestions about the club or this website, please feel free to write an email. The mailing address to write to is:

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